I would like to thank you for viewing my website, I would like to extend a few words about the world of definitelymary. 

I have been working in Bournemouth UK as a freelance artist, and Illustrator for several years, and I have built up a comprehensive folio of art, Illustration and design work spanning from customised paintings, corporate branding, book covers, fashion, music and teaching art workshops. 

Being an Artist, Designer and Illustrator my art work has delved into the realms of characterising the world, my paintings are intricate, vibrant, filled with great depths of detail. My distinctive style has come from with influences of travel, culture, music, film, dreams and visions. I work with a diversity of art mediums, from brushes, pens, pencils, objects

and  layering of imagery, I constantly like to explore new techniques to expressively convey my passions through

the power of creativity. 


Since I was a child I had always been creative, and art became my outlet, from studying Design in Melbourne,

I became a Graphic designer, to which today has manifested into my artistic style. I became a teacher of Art and Design

at Brockenhurst Hampshire, where I learnt the importance of teaching art and helping students reach there

creative potential. 

Being a creative person is a wonderful gift, and it is all I know and love. If you see anything you like, please feel free

to comment, or link to my social media pages. Spread the love Namaste xx

 | 07833662839 | Bournemouth UK.